Born to Run

Born to Run

  • Author, Chris McDougall
  • ISBN No. 1861978774
  • No of Pages: 287
  • Language: English

Over the years, endurance running for sport has been steadily gaining momentum and hordes of followers, both amateur and professional athletes alike. One aspect of this sport that has captured everyoneís attention is the number of foot injuries experienced by the athletes in their attempt to run miles together on foot. Plainly due to this reason, the subject of corrective footwear to achieve injury-free running has turned into an obsession of sorts. Everyone, from scientists to podiatrists and sports physicians, has been doling out advice on the right kind of footwear to use for running.

The authorís persistent curiosity on this subject sent him on a quest to discover the secrets of the greatest runners of the world. His journey took him on a wild rollercoaster ride into the isolated Mexican Copper Canyons, a deadly landscape inhabited by the Tarahumara Indians.

Much to the authorís surprise and awe, the members of this reclusive tribe were incredible runners in their own right. They regularly covered miraculous distances with the least effort and greatest enjoyment. Whatís more, they did it without using fancy footwear or gear of any kind. Exhilarated by this discovery, the author enlisted the help of a local named Caballo Blanco to learn the running techniques of the Tarahumara Indians, techniques that kept them in the best of health and serenity.

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