Krishna Coriolis: Rider of Garuda (Book - 7)

Krishna Coriolis: Rider of Garuda (Book - 7)

  • Author, Ashok K. Banker
  • ISBN No. 9350293196
  • No of Pages: 240
  • Language: English

Newly married and seeking only to dwell in peace, Krishna is shaken when he learns that his greatest challenge still awaits him. With the help of powerful forces, Jarasandha has summoned Narakasura, the demon lord of hell himself. Tens of thousands of mortal women fall prey to this new menace, even as Krishna is forced to defend his honour and go on the most pointless quest imaginable - the search for a missing jewel, Krishna finally assumes his true form as the master of the great and powerful Garuda and prepares to rid the world of evil, once and for all.

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