Krishna Coriolis: Fortress of Dwarka (Book - 6)

Krishna Coriolis: Fortress of Dwarka (Book - 6)

  • Author, Ashok K. Banker
  • ISBN No. 9350293188
  • No of Pages: 320
  • Language: English

Jarasandhas relentless attacks threaten Mathuras very existence With the aid of a talented young architect, Krishna builds an invulnerable fortress-city where his people will be safe from all harm. But with the Magadhan army at the citys gates, Krishna must still find a way to whisk away his subjects in Mathura from under Jarasandhas nose.

Even as he does that, a new challenge beckons: Krishnas eternal soulmate has taken birth on the mortal plane to be with him, and no sooner does he find her than he realizes that she is being used as bait in a deadly trap.

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