More than a Mouthful

More than a Mouthful

  • Author, Sandesh Mayekar
  • ISBN No. 9351369749
  • No of Pages: 204
  • Language: English

We use our teeth every day to munch on an apple or carrot, to hold a pen-knife or a hairpin, we put them on display when we smile or laugh. But we rarely think about the strain we subject them to, rushing to the dentist only when our teeth cry out in pain. Or, sometimes, when they disturb the symmetry of our face.

Teeth may get lost while shooting for a Bollywood fighting scene. They may shrink to half their size because of too much cola intake. A man may commit suicide because of the buzzing in his ears caused by a strained muscle in the jaw. Dr. Sandesh Mayekar has seen all this and worse. He has filled the dark cavity in a molar, fought smelly mouth odour, whitened a ladys gums for a beauty contest and sealed that wide gap between a mans front teeth for a photo shoot.

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