Your Final Diet

Your Final Diet

  • Author, Abby Aronowitz
  • ISBN No. 0970371322
  • No of Pages: 160
  • Language: English

This is fabulous! -- Senator Hillary Rodham ClintonEat Chocolate and still lose weight? Your Final Diet teaches us to manage carbs, fats, and sugar to prevent bingeing and deprivation. Dr. Aronowitz discusses how to end diet mania in overweight America by describing what to eat and how to cope, in order to gain control. She also talks about ways of beginning to change our cultural obsession with thinness.Delicious brand names of healthy junk foods are recommended which are all natural and/or rich in whole grains. One never goes off a diet to have junk foods, they simply become incorporated into a personalized plan. For instance, a good breakfast might include a Van's whole grain waffle with all natural ice-cream, because it offers fiber, calcium, protein, and a bit of sugar to boost energy. Chocolate covered soy nuts, all natural chips, cookies, and other sweets are recommended as major food sources to be incorporated into a weekly caloric allotment. This system offers freedom with control.Your Final Diet addresses psychological concerns of teenage girls and women. It's hard to feel sexy when hating your body, so this dilemma is discussed in a manner appropriate for teens as well as women. Moms will also learn how to become good role models for their daughters, with improved eating habits and body image. Teens will find ways of overcoming pressure to be unnaturally thin.The philosophy in this book was created by combining a wealth of experience personally and professionally, as well as integrating the best ideas from feminist writings and scholarly research. Your Final Diet helps us to become our personal best...and stay there by living a relatively healthy lifestyle, and not being miserable with the results. It offers inner peace, where well adjusted, secure feelings replace highs and lows of failed diets. Your Final Diet is a quick read, and imparts practicalinformation with a lighthearted, humorous style. Endorsed by Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton.

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