Ditch The Scales - The only way to create a beautiful body and a healthy life

Ditch The Scales - The only way to create a beautiful body and a healthy life

  • Author, Donna Still
  • ISBN No. 1905823371
  • No of Pages: 120
  • Language: English

In this book Donna Still, success coach will reveal to you the secrets she uses to create sustainable weightloss for her clients. Donna transformed herself from a size 22 to a size 8 in just 9 months and has assisted others to achieve similar results. Despite what you might believe weightloss is not about the food and all the complicated ways of calculating what you should and shouldn't be eating. Neither is it about weighing and measuring yourself everyday. There's nothing more debilitating than getting up every morning and weighing yourself. If it were only about the food or weighing then everyone would be at his or her ideal weight already! It's about discovering what keeps you locked in your, ' fat cycle.' By developing the simple effective strategies contained within this book to suit you, you can achieve sustainable permanent weightloss. Breaking free from old previously, 'tough to break habits,' that have previously been sabotaging all your best efforts in the past. You will gain the results you desire effortlessly in the shortest possible time for you. Donna will guide you to develop and understand your very own inbuilt success system.No matter what your current situation you can develop a blueprint so that you never have to 'diet' again. If you have ever thought about, 'going on a diet,' or if you have spent a life time struggling with weight issues then Ditch the scales will help you answer the questions you may have about what has been stopping you from being successful and give you the magic key to create the sensational health you deserve, starting today. How would you benefit from amazing and dramatic improvements in your health? And how would you feel enjoying the benefits of increased self-esteem and confidence that will naturally blossom?

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