Don't Grow Old, Grow Healthy: Look And Feel 10 Years Younger in Just 30 Days

Don't Grow Old, Grow Healthy: Look And Feel 10 Years Younger in Just 30 Days

  • Author, Claude Chauchard
  • ISBN No. 1591201721
  • No of Pages: 160
  • Language: English

Most of us are concerned about growing older and wish to avoid the physical deterioration of aging. Fortunately, there are plenty of practical things we can do right now to keep our vitality for life. And, as Don't Grow Old, Grow Healthy demonstates, it's possible to start looking and feeling more youthful in just thirty days! Dr. Chauchard has a lifetime of experience in researching and treating age-related problems. His book presents a comprehensive explanation of the causes of aging: the role of inflammation, how insulin can help us stay thin, the way free radicals rust the body, and how sugars age us. Readers will discover and understand what really causes aging and get indispensable advice on how to take control. Don't Grow Old, Grow Healthy helps identify everyday solutions to prevent rather than accept aging. There is advice on age-preventive eating; a thirty-day nutrition program to jumpstart vitality; practical tips and daily habits for aging healthfully; how to stay well physially, psycholgically, and emotionally; and simple exercises to strengthen the body for the long haul. The book is written in a breezy, conversational style, making this complicated subject easy to understand. The intention is to give concrete ideas that can be immediatlely put into practice. This book is for all those who want to live in full health for as long as possible. Today, getting old is a choice; it is no longer and obligation.About the AuthorDr. Claude Chauchard obtained his doctorate in endocrinology, biology, and sports medicine from he University of Montpellier, France. He is the founder of the International Institute for Preventive Anti-Aging Medicine and taught at the University of Montpellier. He is one of the world's top specialists in preventive medicine for aging, and over 1 million copies of his twelve books on the aging process have been sold. He gives regular lectures and siminars in Paris, Milan, Barcelona, Brussels, Rio de Janeiro, Geneva, and other major cities around the world.

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