BigBooks Club

Create your own BigBooks Club with 5 or more members and avail exciting discounts and offers.

  1. What is BigBooks Club?
    BigBooks Club is an opportunity for 5 or more people to come together and form a group at BigBooks. Love reading and want to share the joy with your friends and family members then BigBooks Club is the place to be. Read unlimited books, share with your friends and that too at an unbelievable discounted price.
  2. How to form a BigBooks Club?
    All members to be a part of BigBooks Club must me registered individually on BigBooks. Any member can then send a mail to with the email ids of members who would be a part of their BigBooks Club. There is no upper limit on the number of members a BigBooks Club can have.
  3. How to Subscribe?
    We are currently offering annual packages for BigBooks Club members at a hugely discounted price. Each individual member of the club will need to purchase an annual package. Once all members have purchased the package, subscription will start for every member of the BigBooks Club. Once the subscription is over, at least 5 members will need to renew their subscription to avail club benefits. New members can always be added to the club at a pro rata basis.
  4. What are the subscription charges?
    BigBooks Club members can avail any of the below annual packages at the mentioned discounted price.
    1. Desire: 1 Book at a time, Unlimited Books: Rs 1200 per member.
    2. Love: 2 Books at a time, Unlimited Books: Rs 2300 per member.
    3. Passion: 3 Books at a time, Unlimited Books: Rs 3100 per member.
    4. Obsession: 4 Books at a time, Unlimited Books: Rs 4000 per member.

Hurry, Form your BigBooks Club now and enjoy the benefits.

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