About Us

  1. What is BigBooks?
    BigBooks is an online rental portal, which gives the member access to lakhs of books, spread across multiple categories and sub-categories. The member can rent unlimited number of books and keep it for unlimited period of time. We have multiple plans catering to a wide cross-section of readers. We provide free delivery and pick-up anywhere in the available city with no concept of late fees.
  2. What are the book categories available?
    We offer our member books spread across 10 broad categories, which is further spread across sub-categories to enable members to find the book of their choice with ease. Please see the books page for further details.
  3. Do you have multiple copies of a particular book?
    We strive to keep multiple copies of a book based on our assessment of the demand and popularity of a particular book. Each book will have a status which will let the member know whether a copy of the desired book is available or not
  4. Why should I become a member of BigBooks?
    1. Affordability: Get direct access to unlimited books with no time restriction at a very affordable price, wherein our basic plan starts at just Rs.200/- per month
    2. Choice: Choose from a huge database of lakhs of books, spread across 10 categories and over 100 sub-categories. This database in constantly expanding to include members’ feedback, new releases and events in the universe of books
    3. Availability: Multiple copies of most books available in order to minimize the wait time for our members
    4. Delivery: Free home delivery and pick-up, with next day delivery guaranteed
    5. Member-centric: User-friendly website for easy navigation and search of books. Warm and friendly customer service to resolve any queries that you may have
    6. Quality: We offer original prints and all our books are in mint condition. We have a strict stand against any pirated form of books.
    7. Interactive: We encourage members to provide feedback, reviews and ratings for the books, which can facilitate other members to make more informed choices. We also provide our own recommendations and suggestions to members, based on their profile and rental history.

About Payment

  1. What are the payment options available?
    We accept payments through debit card, credit card, net banking, cheque, account transfer, PayTm or you may request for a cash payment.
  2. Is it safe to use my debit/credit card on your website?
    Yes, it is safe to use your cards on our website because we route your payments through highly secure online transaction technology. This means we connect you to a fully secure payment gateway, so your Card information is held only by the bank and not by BigBooks. So your Card data is safe. Once your payment is made, we receive confirmation from the bank for the same.
  3. Will my personal information be safe with BigBooks?
    We do not rent, sell or disclose any of our customers' personal information to third parties.
  4. What is the billing cycle?
    The billing cycle is monthly, so you will be billed every month on the day your subscription was activated.
  5. How do I see my billing history?
    You can view your Billing History by visiting the "Billing History" area of the "My Account" section. The "Billing History" is updated every month.
  6. What happens if my credit card payment is declined during the payment process?
    You may try using any other bank's credit card that you may possess. Alternatively, you may request for “Cash Pickup”.
  7. Will I be charged more if I am late with the monthly payments?
    No, you won't be charged for making any late payments. But we will not ship books to you until you pay your dues.

About the process

  1. After becoming a member when will I start receiving books?
    As soon as your subscription order process is completed, you can add books to your queue. Depending on availability of the book you have requested you will receive your first book on the next working day. You need to maintain a minimum of ten books in your queue for it to be active and for you to receive books.
  2. What is a "queue"? How do I manage it?
    A "queue" is a list of the books you have requested. Sign in to the website and browse for the book of your choice. Then click on the 'Add to QList’ button under the picture of your desired book. The book will be added to the list in your Queue. To remove a book from the Qlist, click on the 'Trashcan' icon that appears in that book's row. You can re-order your list of books by clicking on the 'Arrow' icon that appears in that book's row.
  3. Can I track the status of delivery?
    You can log in to your account and track which book has been dispatched for you. We cannot however provide the precise time of delivery. You will also receive an email from us once a book is dispatched.
  4. How can I ensure whether BigBooks has really received the book that was collected from me?
    We will update your "Rental History" at the end of the pick-up cycle. You can view this update by visiting the "Rental History" area of the "My Account" section
  5. How important is the Membership ID?
    The 'Membership ID' is a unique identification code assigned to every member. Your 'Membership ID' allows you to access the special subscription-related services and helps you to track all your transactions. The 'Membership ID' plays a vital role for us to enable prompt customer service.
  6. How do I cancel my subscription?
    You can cancel by logging into your account or by calling our customer care.
  7. Can I re-subscribe after cancellation?
    Yes you can. Please login using your Membership ID and re-subscribe.
  8. How do I search for a book on the website?
    The website has a comprehensive 'Search' feature available at the top of most pages.
  9. Will I receive my requested books on time?
    We endeavor that all books are serviced on the next working day.
  10. What if I do not receive a book?
    Please ensure that your membership status is active and you have at least 10 books in your queue. Even after that if you don’t receive a book contact us and we will immediately resolve the problem.
  11. Can I sell my old books?
    You can contact us to sell your old books and our service team will get in touch with you.
  12. What if I lose or damage a book?
    In such an eventuality you will have to pay us the cost of the book. You will not receive any further book, till such payment is made.
  13. Will I get the book at the top of my queue?
    We will strive to deliver the book based on the priority set by you but it is subject to availability. This is the reason we require members to maintain at least ten books in their queue. Books with status as New Addition may have a longer waiting period because of higher demand.
  14. How can I return a book?
    Once you have read a book, you can log in your account and ask for a pickup or alternatively call us.
  15. If I have a plan with multiple books, can I return and ask for a lesser number of books? You can schedule pickup and delivery of any number of books not exceeding the maximum quantity prescribed by your plan.
  16. What if I receive a wrong delivery?
    Please contact us and we will immediately resolve the problem.
  17. Can I purchase books?
    We offer books only for rental and not for sale.
  18. How often can I change my book?
    You can change your book as often as you want. There is no limit on the number of books you can read. There will be no deliveries on consecutive days as all requests are served on the next working day.
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